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Smarter University and Careers Guidance

Empower your school with big data and streamlined management tools
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BridgeU university matches showing a representative set of Reach, Match and Safety options.

BridgeU is delighted to be the university and careers guidance partner for iSAMS and for ManageBac

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          matching feature

Combine your intelligence with ours

BridgeU brings the power of big data to your university preparation process

Our system processes over a million data points every day to ensure up-to-the-minute accuracy and relevance

Our matching algorithm weighs academic, professional and social preferences to recommend best-fit universities and courses for students from over 100,000 options

Our application strategy tools help students to write excellent personal statements and essays based on their experiences and achievements, and inspire them with interactive examples

Illustration of BridgeU application success by grades

Improve results

We capture your school’s admissions data and compare it with global admissions trends to display the information you need to improve results for your school

Increase acceptance to top ranked universities worldwide (Russell Group, Ivy League)

Easily prepare for school inspections (e.g. OFSTED/ ISI) by showing that university support is data-driven and has measurable impact

View and analyse year-on-year school performance

Reduce admin and improve efficiency

Our streamlined task management reduces time spent on admin by ~40%, enabling university advisors to re-focus their efforts on what matters most

Never miss a deadline or duplicate a task with our dynamic, individualized checklists

Set your students tasks with intelligent, automated reminders

Quickly and easily identify who's ahead and who's struggling with our powerful dashboards which provide a visual overview of students’ progress

Screenshot of a webpage containing a BridgeU advisors
          dashboard. It includes an overview of the advisor's students progress
          and the advisor's remaining tasks.

One place for everything

Our cloud-based platform supports each step of the university preparation journey, simplifying and smoothing the process for students and advisors

Reduce the number of systems you use with a one-stop-shop for the entire process of preparing students for university

Collaborate in real time with students on admissions tasks

Equip students with a comprehensive suite of tools that support university and course discovery & matching, research, writing essays and statements, reference requests, and building application strategies

iPad showing a list of subject areas and four
          selected subjects - Applied Economics, Computer Engineering,
          Functional Genomics and Industrial & Product Design.

Engage students with modern tools

Our platform is designed to ensure maximum engagement, based on how students like to use technology

Increase student engagement with the admissions process with gamified, social-media inspired preparation tools

Harness the power of parent support through our intuitive and beautiful reporting features

See increased student usage outside the classroom, since our platform is optimized for any device, including mobile phones and tablets

Partner Schools

We support applications to:

Coming soon

  • France
  • Germany
  • Italy
  • Japan
  • Poland
  • Singapore
  • South Africa
  • South Korea
  • Spain
Map of the world showing countries the BridgeU currently supports and countries which are coming soon.


Data and analytics tools

Visualise actionable trends from your school’s admissions data and compare your performance to other schools around the world.

Custom reports

Create and send beautiful progress reports to faculty members and parents.

Document management

Easily consolidate and access documentation about each individual student, building an e-portfolio of admissions materials.

Document sending

Send application documents directly to universities from BridgeU, including transcripts, references, and reports.

University matching

Discover best-fit institutions for each student with our intelligent processing of thousands of course and college options.

Advisor dashboard

Assign tasks, set deadlines and track students' progress.

Student-centered design

Keep your students engaged and on track throughout their university preparation efforts, with social-media inspired tools that appeal to students.

University research

Guide students to strong university shortlists with our collaborative scrapbooking tool.


Collaborate with your student to write impressive personal statements and essays. Access interactive past essays that were successful in Ivy League and Russell Group applications.